2017_02_27_fo40_123Every March during the kids’ Spring school break, the entire family is craving some sun and sand, and the Caribbean tends to be our destination of choice. As the proverbial slave to fashion – my favorite dilemma, what to bring and what to wear?? Here are my “Desert Island” essentials, no matter on what island..

img_3684My Husband and I went to Barcelona over President’s Day weekend. My step daughter is studying there for the semester and she really wanted us to visit.We’d both never been to Spain before and had heard from many friends what a great destination Barcelona is. Here are our highlights of our 48 hours on the ground.

img_0064Walk into any nail salon and the first thing you’ll probably see is the wall of Essie nail polish. Essie is now a household name and brand. However, do you know there is a woman behind the name? I myself learned that the iconic and genre-changing nail polish line was named for Essie Weingarten Sortino when I was introduced…

mad-wolf-photography-madeline-wolf326I love having my personal effects monogrammed – especially when it comes to stationery. From thank you notes to whimsical cards and pads, you should have a cache of personalized stationery as part of your social game. Of the many great brands, these are a few of my favorites.

mad-wolf-photography-madeline-wolf033While Spring in New York can at times seem like only a short few weeks before the heat of summer, you’ll of course want to look your best in the latest fashions. From Easter to a Kentucky Derby party to Mother’s Day brunch, turn the corner into Spring with these trends for 2017.

14212786_656106941225981_400477433444781268_nIn Manhattan, especially in Midtown, there are some great options for a healthy, reasonably priced lunch at the growing number of upscale Greek restaurants in the area. Whether you’re 100% of Greek descent (like me) or just love good food, you’re sure to find plenty to like- and a few spots to work into your lunch rotation.

img_0011The Valentine’s Day of yesteryear-where a woman would get a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates-has fully evolved (devolved?!) into a holiday with gifts for everyone. I love to get something small on Valentines Day, but definitely don’t want to neglect my guy. Here are some last minute ideas for the guy in your life- a little (or big) gift goes a long way.

mad-wolf-photography-madeline-wolf141Rachel Katzman is the founder of Cuvée Beauty, a hair care line that is centered around one main ingredient: Champagne! Not only is Rachel a beautiful, smart entrepreneur- she had a genius idea and put it into action. Check out my Q&A to find out her secrets to launching and leading Cuvée, and more!

mad-wolf-photography-madeline-wolf273Stress is very present in most of our busy, modern, always-connected lives. From juggling a family, a career, a blog, and just the general chaos of NYC- I’m always looking for new ways to deal with it. Meditation is one way that has helped. This amazing app OMG I can Meditate

2016_08_29_coverd_toniasteck_143Ah, Valentines Day- is it a full-fledged holiday or irritating obligation? Some people take it more seriously than others. Personally, I think there’s a reason to celebrate- especially the love(s) of your life- so with that being said, here is my Valentines Gift Guide. I’d be happy to give – or get! – any of these great options…wink, wink!

mad-wolf-photography-madeline-wolf316I love loungewear. Once I get home from a long day at the office, I’m out of my dress and heels and into my comfy clothes. Where’s the line between loungewear and pajamas? One may never know, but the broad genre is cozy, homey, and relaxing. Here’s some of my favorites… 

rumbleboxingLiving in NYC, there is no shortage of new workouts to try. It feels like there is a new type of work out- and gym built around it- popping up every day, and in every neighborhood. Adding to a previous review of five varied and intense workout regimes, here I bring you five more that turn up the intensity and offer more choices for your fitness addiction.


img_3453If you checked out the blog earlier this week, you may have seen my Nomad roundup – also seen here.  As Nomad has evolved, so has the food scene! A few years ago, I would have been unable to come up with 10 worthy restaurants of note in my beloved Madison Square Park/Flatiron area.  Now, I offer a Part Two Nomad feature and find it hard to limit the combined list to 25: new gems are opening every week


img_2993The area known as Nomad (North of Madison Square Park) is my home turf and very near and dear to my heart. I got married in an event space at 200 Fifth Avenue which is now occupied by Eataly (first dance was right about where the pasta is sold!) and Dave and I always had a goal of living near Madison Square Park.

img_4258Having just enjoyed three days in the capital of the British Empire, we made the 2+ hour flight southeast to the seat of the ancient, mighty Roman Empire- Rome. My husband and I were in Venice in 2015, and I couldn’t wait to return to the glorious country of Italy. The sites, the food, the shopping, and the leisurely lifestyle. FO40 needs a dose of Italy ever year! Here’s what we did on our trip in the Eternal City.


img_4016As a treat for our family this holiday season, my husband and I decided to dramatically dial down the usual Christmas gift-giving (both to each other as well as the kiddies’) in exchange for a family trip to London and Rome. While Santa still managed to find our place with a slimmed-down assortment of boxes and cards, the main event would be an overnight flight from JFK to London arriving on Boxing Day.

img_4160My travel tastes, likes/dislikes, and wish-list of destinations and experiences has greatly evolved in my adult years. I’ve come to rely on not only my own research, but also the help of high-end travel experts. Meredith Broder a “Luxury Travel Designer,” more than fits this description. Read my Q&A to find out all about her!

mad-wolf-photography-madeline-wolf293Admit it- you may have done a little holiday partying this past season. Your pants are tight, there are gifts to return, and winter has gone from a charming flurries to a mess of cold, wind, and slush. While the days seem short on sunlight, there are many ways to cure your winter blues. Try one of FO40’s Eight-Step Winter Survival Tips.

img_3330Six months ago I launched FO40, as I saw a void in the online and social media world for fashion and lifestyle advice for women approaching and into their 40’s. The concept then morphed into reality, and FO40 has now featured over 50 articles, daily Instagram/Facebook posts, picked up over 1,400 wonderful Instagram followers…

img_2153With the holiday season here, I am constantly running all over the city.  From a work event to a friend’s birthday to the school holiday concert, I’m in and out of Uber cars all day it seems.  As I want to look my best at all these fun and festive events,  making my hair blowdrys last is an abiding goal.  Some of my favorite places to get a blowout are scattered around Manhattan, and I share below my go-to spots that will leave you looking your ab-fab best and ready to rock around the Christmas tree!


f040_dec_024As you may remember from my piece on creating a killer Thanksgiving Table, I love all things tabletop and home décor.  My dear friends Jody Black and Kate Krieger have taken “tabletop obsession” one step further by creating “Dress your Table.” This new service was created to help transform your home (table included) for any party or occasion. They take extreme care, time, and research to find the perfect pieces and accents to turn your home into a fun and festive party showcase

img_3430This year, my inbox is brimming with offers from every retailer I know offering shiny, velvety, sequined holiday options. Maybe I’m just paying closer attention this year, but it sure seems that the trend is for “dressier” this season. I’ve sifted through it all and here are my picks, sure to please all who deserve lots and lots of presents this season (like me!!).


img_3042Whether it’s a souped-up Adidas, or those Back to the Future self-tying kicks, just about any flavor and variation of sneaker is available to your liking. With the holidays fast approaching, I offer some chic sneaker ideas for your guy.  While most of these are more on the conservative side (read: my husband), I’ve found that it’s always better to play it a bit safe with gifts… and include the gift receipt!

fo40_009I came across Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of the Rodial skin-care and makeup line, when my husband sent me an article from the Daily Mail titled “Women Who prove you CAN have it All: The Female Entrepreneurs who run Multi-Million Pound Businesses – but still find time for a Family and Fitness Regime.” The timing was about two weeks before my launch of FO40 and it sounded like it was directed right at me.


img_3235The holiday season is fast upon us, as is the vexing and age-old question: what to get that special someone that they don’t already have? Here are some of my favorite gifts to get or gift year after year- plus some new items that I hope my husband will take note of! Welcome to the first FO40 gift guide. Happy shopping, whether “bricks” or “clicks”.

img_0870Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh is a medical doctor who integrates Family Medicine with Homeopathic Medicine in her approach to wellness. She treats patients of all ages with homeopathic remedies that are aimed at enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself. Dr. Elmaleh has had over 30,000 patient visits strictly for homeopathic treatment of chronic medical illnesses. I was introduced to her by a friend…

img_2903Despite the tease of recent Indian Summer days in October, November is finally here. There is no denying that it’s heating- not A/C- weather in NYC. As the temperature creeps lower, cold weather accessories are key.  Of course, FO40 wants you to be at your stylish best while keeping out the chill.

img_2949I have been a faithful follower of the F-Factor diet for the past few years. When I heard about the diet and its claims of weight loss without starvation or deprivation, I had to check it out. One look at Tanya Zuckerbrot, the founder of F-Factor and you’ll immediately want to learn her formula for looking so amazing and vibrant. Read on to hear from Tanya about the F-Factor diet, and why its so effective!

img_3140I’ve shared my thoughts on topics ranging from hair care to workouts to the perfect pair of boots. While I write from my perspective as a woman, the “FO40” core themes cut across gender lines. To wit, an FO40 first article for men featuring the incomparable Julian Craker. Julian is a bespoke tailor with whom my husband has worked…

f040_october_111I love to entertain and the most important thing to me is how my table looks. I know, I should be concerned with the food- but I leave that to the chef of the house, my husband. We have a running joke in my family that everyone has to compliment me on my table, otherwise I will get offended. It’s the first thing my family notices when they walk in the door! Here are a few of my tips to creating a great table time after time.


img_3124My grandparents emigrated from Greece in the 1920’s. Many of the immigrants came here with little material wealth and set out to make a life for themselves and many started their own businesses. To this day, there are certain businesses that historically are run by owners of Greek descent. The fur business is one of them. My own grandfather used to be a furrier who worked for some furriers are no longer in business, one name that has had staying power is the Pologeorgis family.

f040_october_146As the days shorten and the mercury readings edge gently and steadily lower, it’s time to break out your favorite sweaters… and of course to hear about your faithful fashion blogger’s picks for this Fall and Winter! If you have already indulged in my reports on “My Love of fill-in-the-blank” (boots; jackets; my birthday and so on), here now 10 stylish, sexy, and cozy picks for Sweater Season.

f040_october_058You splurged on a great summer vacation- and the killer outfits that made you look your stylish best. With so many great choices for Fall, I share ways to nail the trends of this season as you replenish your budget for an upcoming trip or even gifts on your upcoming holiday wish list. Want the “in” look without a major investment? Consider these choices:


img_2989While there are many things you can do to preserve your youthful appearance, limiting exposure to sunlight is one of the best. I unfortunately basked in the glorious sun for most of my life. As I turned 40, I turned to Dr. Michele Green

img_2795Kimberly Salshutz is a Manhattan-based Acupuncturist and Healer with over 20 years of experience. A visit with her is more than just an acupuncture session. Kimberly tailors her treatment to each individual patient, which may mean adding energy work, cupping, or crystals.

FO40_172Five Ways Women can Empower Themselves: 
I love being a wife and a mom, my family is at the center of my life. Being a supportive partner to my husband and an involved and loving mother to my kids are at the core of who I am-but that’s not all that I am.

img_2824A weekend at The Point is like no other experience I have ever had. From the moment you arrive, your every need is taken care of- it’s a weekend of ultimate relaxation. The Point is an intimate, all-inclusive, private Adirondack estate on the edge of a shining mountain lake.

slt-3For most of my life, running was my workout of choice. I felt it kept me lean and my weight in my comfort zone. Over the past decade, the fitness world has launched a tremendous variety of new workouts from which to choose. I’ve have tried many of them, and here are five of my favorites

screen-shot-2015-06-03-at-10-04-40-am-png-nggid0211-ngg0dyn-276x276x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010Starbucks, you won. I’m hooked on coffee. When I was a little girl, I’d watch my mom drink coffee all day long. She taught me how to make coffee at a very young age, even if it was just mixing Folgers instant and hot water! As an adult, the day starts (before 6AM!) with a cup from the automatic drip machine in my kitchen…


sinceroheadshotWe’ve all heard of The Secret, the best-selling self-help book by Rhonda Byrne. It’s premise is that if you visualize what you want and think positively, you can control your destiny. You are a Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero is an …

2016_08_29_coverd_toniasteck_097Everyone loves a good coffee table book!  Starting with the cover art, and turning to the first few pages filled with photos and meticulous details, I love everything cover to cover.  Decorators have a knack of stacking them just right. I chatted with Hilary Nadelman Matt of Michelle Gerson Interiors

slater-zorn-striped-wristwarmersSlater Zorn offers apparel and accessories centered around the color themes of your favorite schools and teams. This fashion line’s offerings can be worn from game day to every day, marrying loyalty with luxury.  I sat down with Beth Wittig, founder of Slater Zorn, to hear about her story…

fo40_096Ahhhh…Boots! You can add them to the category of “All things I love about fall.” Although a great pair of boots can last you many seasons, your wardrobe needs a tweak every year to add one or two of the most coveted styles. Here are my five picks I have for this year…

img_2371Many women get their hair professionally blown out. It’s a great way to get that perfect look for a special night our or the start of another business week. Why not look your best? While I have friends who can have great looking hair for up to a week (!) without washing it after a blow out, I myself am lucky to make it…

img_2351Call me a big kid, but I still love my birthday. While it’s no longer a Carvel ice-cream cake with a slumber party I crave, a great dinner, night out and a few coveted gifts are always in my birthday wish list.  And it’s not really just a day, more of a two week celebration! Here’s what currently on my “Happy Birthday to Me” List. Hopefully my husband is reading this!

5 More Great Dates in NYC!IMG_9507 There is SO much to do in New York City, that when I wrote about five great dates, it turned into ten. Here are the next five. Your Saturday night will never be the same!



Saturday night is date night for me, and It’s pretty non-negotiable. While my husband and I love to try new places, there are also some iconic legends that never get old. Whether you live in NY or are just visiting, there are plenty of great spots for dinner,drinks, and things to do for a great night out. Here are some of my favorite dates:


img_3056I was invited to the Fendi townhouse by my friend, Tina Sussman to learn about their Fur Atelier. The event showcased the collection and shared with clients what Fendi has to offer in Fur. Models walked around with furs from the FW 16-17 collection which ranged from multi colored to monochrome, long to short to cape. I picked out a few that I liked the best, and we went into a private room for viewing.


img_1718“Organize Closet” is an item that is always on my to-do list. Although I do it often, it feels like it’s never easy to find that perfect outfit. This can change with better organization. I caught up with Aly Finkelstein of Organized by Aly to get her advice on the best way to get your closet more organized…


2016_08_29_Coverd_ToniaSteck_073I love Fall. I love everything about it. That back to school feeling we had as kids. The idea of getting back into a regular routine. The air turning crisp at night. Sleeping with the window open. My Birthday. But what do I love most about Fall? You guessed it – The fashion.

IMG_1488Danielle Diamond, founder of Xen Strength Yoga, is a yoga and lifestyle expert, who has been inspiring others to get happy, strong and calm for over 15 years. Her passion is making all 8 limbs of yoga accessible on and off the mat, so your health, happiness and success are accessible and non-negotiable.

I am IMG_1472very discerning when it comes to makeup. Unlike clothes where I love to have variety, with makeup I only want to buy what I’m going to use. I scour the fall and spring magazines for the newest products, and always pick a few to try. Here I share my 5 makeup picks that I really love!

IMG_1375Dara Godfrey is a registered dietitian who works in private practice in Manhattan. As an expert in nutrition, she customizes eating plans to help empower her patients to make positive food choices. Dara’s lifestyle-driven approach has encouraged individuals to understand what is realistic…

FO40_190While shopping during the summer months, I noticed new pieces that combine a fall look with an air of summer. I remember asking a sales associate if this was a new summer shipment, which seemed odd given seasonal sales were just about to start. The answer I received was that this is called the Pre-Fall Collection. And then it hit me – I have to budget for these Pre-Fall collections as well!


FO40_295I am a jacket girl. I almost always have one on, since it really completes an outfit. Once you start to buy a few, you realize there are some that come back season after season. They come at all different price points, even if you buy one of the pricier ones- you can wear it for years so it’s worth the investment. You can mix affordable and more expensive pieces into a core collection that can last for years.


IMG_0481To say that sneakers are in right now would be an understatement. Not long ago, sneakers were only for the gym, and were a complete fashion faux pas.  Now, Adidas and Nike (among others) have worked to make their sneakers better looking and more light weight…


IMG_0908This past Friday a friend and I attended a great event hosted by KD Hamptons and Kathy Reilly for Armarium at Barron’s Cove in Sag Harbor. Armarium has run a pop up shop here at Barron’s Cove for the past two weeks. We tried on clothes, drank Rosé Wine and talked with new friends. I can get used to starting the weekend this way!

IMG_1019I attended the recent Super Saturday NY event which is the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance’s (OCRFA) yearly shopping day complete with a one of a kind designer “garage sale”. Hosted by Donna Karan, Kelly Ripa, and Gabby Karan de Felice, it was held this past Saturday at Nova’s Ark in Watermill.

IMG_0871Roberta Roller Rabbit is a name you hear and you immediately think of their bold, colorful hand blocked prints. The Kurta is one of their iconic tops, worn either to the hip or to the floor. The children’s clothing and soft pajamas feature monkeys, bunnies, and elephants, among other cute creatures. Brothers and Sisters wear matching prints, and matching “Mommy and Me” outfits are also popular..

IMG_0121I was introduced to Jen Wang and CUT Flowers through a mutual friend. I ordered some Roses and the Pineapple Vases with the Succulents in them from her site. All I can say is, instant love! Her flowers are not only beautiful, but the Roses I ordered lasted for over two weeks- amazing!

IMG_0514Stephanie Gottlieb is a New York based Private Jeweler. She designs her own line of jewelry as well as represents other jewelers. Over the past few years, her business has grown exponentially. Below we discuss her business, trends, and that gorgeous engagement ring!

IMG_0168Four cocktails that won’t ruin your Summer Diet
I love a good cocktail. And to be honest, who doesn’t? Especially on a hot summer night. I asked Shana Pantirer, RD of F-Factor Nutrition (my nutrition Guru!) for some of her favorite drinks that won’t pack on the pounds.


Linda Fargo Spring Trends Discussion – I sat in on a Spring Trends discussion with Linda Fargo, the Senior Vice president of The Fashion Office and Director of Women’s Fashion and Store Presentation at Bergdorf Goodman.

kevinKevin Lee, Style Director at Julien Farel
I speak with Kevin Lee, the Style Director at Julien Farel. Kevin has been styling my hair for over ten years. He is always on top of the current trends, and his work has been featured in many publications …

baccaratFive Bars Where You Won’t Feel Ancient
The Baccarat Hotel opened on West 53rd Street in Manhattan in the past year. It is beyond gorgeous, with many amazing yet subtle touches. Walk into the elevator and you will immediately smell the infusion of a glorious scent.

tinaTina Sussman, Personal Shopper
Tina Sussman has been dressing women for over 20 years. She has built up a roster of clients from around the world and helps dress many executive women.

mehriMahri Relin
Below I speak with Mahri Relin, Owner and Founder of Body Conceptions. Body Conceptions (BoCo) is a Dance Fitness technique that incorporates both dance-cardio and strengthening.

covinaCovina Restaurant
Tim and Nancy Cushman have thought of it all with this fabulous new restaurant located in the Park Avenue South Hotel on 27th between Park and Lexington.

benBen Erickson
Ben Erickson is a Brooklyn based custom furniture designer and builder. My husband and I met Ben over nine years ago when he came to hang a piece of art for us.

michelleInterview with Dr. Michele Green
Dr. Michele Green is a Cosmetic Dermatologist located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. She is very honest and cautious with patients who want to embark on procedures to help them look younger.