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FO40_172I wanted to be Marcia Brady but felt more like Cindy. Superfreak was my favorite song. My mom loved Barry Manilow. Joanie loved Chachi and so did I. I thought Olivia Newton John was so hot in that outfit at the carnival, not to be outdone by that romance she had on the beach that summer. I pined for marriage after college despite vowing to be a career woman. I wore stockings with sneakers commuting to my first job. There was a show called Thirty Something that I couldn’t relate to, but I was there in a nanosecond. Job, Husband, Kids, Career fell into place all while feeling like I still just graduated college. I started to notice that I was working with people half my age and then one day I was standing at my 40th birthday party saying “how did this happen?!?”

Did I mention the baby oil? When you go to the dermatologist at 40 she knows that you lathered yourself in it at the beach as a kid. There is no hiding. The Grays start coming out and you try vegetable dye because it’s “better for your hair”. You realize you can no longer inhale that late night burger without having to double your workout or live on green juice the next day and still your favorite jeans feel like they shrunk in the dryer. You start to say, I love Kale.

But at the same time, something great happens. You are not the youngest one in the room. You are not overlooked. You can’t be referred to as “Girl”- you’re a Woman or a Lady. You look back and remember your parents as “grown ups” at your age. Your opinion matters. You’re increasingly looked at as an expert in your field. You might be a CEO. You also successfully run a household. You can support yourself. You know about relationships and have both the scars and joys to prove it. You’re more and more comfortable with who you are and what you believe in and really don’t care what anyone says because, does it really matter???

I am not a technology forward person. I never swiped right, or left for that matter. I learned of Yahoo when the guy sitting next to me at work in the 90’s said I needed to look up a phone number on the “world wide web”. I’ve learned everything I know about the internet and all that goes with it from my kids or colleagues much younger than me.

However, I noticed over time that I developed into the go-to person for my friends on a wide range of lifestyle topics. “Where should I get my haircut?”. “What’s the hot new restaurant?”. “Can you recommend a nutritionist, a doctor, a vacation spot in the Caribbean?” People started to trust my opinions and act on them. I love tasteful “things” be it a great piece of furniture, a killer dress for work or evening or a memorizing piece of art because they mean something to me and make me feel good. I love a great trip with my husband and kids because it creates memories that will last forever. I love a fun, challenging workout because of how it makes me feel and look. I embrace holistic medicine.

This is where FO40 comes in. I am not an expert. I’m not famous. I’m just a girl (ok, a lady) who has lived in NY for a long time, with a mild obsession with beauty, fashion, feeling good and other fun stuff, doing my thing, and collecting some good resources along the way. Mostly, I like to help people and share my knowledge and resources with friends.

A close friend and advisor once told me that the 40’s were her best years ever. So far, she’s right. I look forward to sharing my ideas, likes, and inspirations with all of you and help you to also feel that life really starts at 40.

I hope you like my site.


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