5 Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween Party

Halloween has become my official favorite holiday. For almost 10 years, my husband and I have been hosting a major Halloween party at our weekend house with our friends. We always have an activity or theme- one year a Tarot Card Reader; another we hired someone to conduct a séance; another a fantastic illusionist. This year (last night!) the costume theme was “Heroes and Villains” and a group of talented local performers we’ve come to know led a Murder Mystery- quite fun! With a little imagination and lead time, you too can easily create a fun and festive party. Below are my 5 tips to making your Halloween Party Spooktacular.

Dressed as Harley Quinn and The Joker
  1. Decorations- There are many options for decorations out there that don’t have to break the bank. Places like Kmart and Target are good bets- look for great props under the “Totally Ghoul” brand. You can also pick up some fancier accouterments at Pottery Barn. Skulls, Ghosts, Goblins- the scarier the better. If they make noise, it’s a plus. A tip- shop right after Halloween, there are usually great deals on items for next year’s bash.

    Decorations from Pottery Barn
  2. Monogramed effects- I think it’s a lovely touch to have monogramed plates and napkins. Not only for cocktails and dinner, but add them into your bathroom as guest towels.IMG_4704
  3. Costumes and Makeup- For your Halloween party, you really need everyone to be game for dressing up in their ghoulish best. It’s great fun. My husband loves to have a costume theme. We’ve done Zombies one year, and a great Masquerade a few years back (the “seance” party). If possible, having your makeup professionally done can really complete your look. Both my husband and I have had our makeup done the past few years and the finished product is to die for!
    This Year: Harley Quinn and The Joker
    Zombies in a prior year


    Day of the Dead
  4. Party Activities- While there’s nothing wrong with a drinks-and-dinner party, adding some action brings your group together in a memorable way. Friends still talk about “what the tarot card reader told me 5 years ago.” My husband’s project every year is the annual Halloween quiz- it’s not easy! We’ve also had guests bring a carved pumpkin and voted on the best one (with a boozy prize of course). Be creative, or keep it simple (Cards Against Humanity anyone?!). You’ll create some great memories.IMG_4718
  5. Food and Drink- Make sure everyone is well fed and the drinks are flowing, while keeping with the Halloween theme, I picked up these creepy hand champagne glasses at Oriental Trading a few years ago and they certainly add to the mood! Incorporate black and orange colors into your food- our meal this year included Black Rice and Sweet Potato mash. Another great idea is a carved pumpkin made to look like he’s going to be sick with spinach dip coming out of his mouth! Your guests will love it.IMG_4784What is your favorite Halloween Party Idea? 

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