Hoop Dreams

The late, great author Mark Twain is said to have uttered the phrase “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” While I’m not entirely sure what he was trying to say, I do know that fashions and fads have a strange way of coming back into vogue. In my late teens/early 20s I remember turning on MTV (do you remember actually watching MTV- and for the videos??) and seeing everyone from Madonna to a young J-Lo rocking big hoop earrings. While dainty, discreet hoops have proven timeless, hoops have come and gone- and now have come roaring back. And I mean Big, Bold, and Beautiful. This fall, be sure to have a pair- or two, three, or more- as a ready-to-wear accent to this season’s styles. Below are my picks.



Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry Push Back Diamond Hoops– Stephanie can make you custom hoops like the ones above and below. I chose yellow gold with diamonds but you can to for any combination you with- white, yellow or rose gold.


Talia Naomi Khaleesi Rounded Hoop Earrings – I love this hoop as an every day choice. The simple design means you’ll have them forever.
Jennifer Fisher Gold Plated Hoops – When you want to channel your inner Jenny from the block here is another great option. They are gold plated and hollow so won’t weigh your ears down.

Jennifer Fisher Baby Drew Gold plated hoop earrings – Another great option from Jennifer Fisher, just a bit smaller.
Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry Gold Hoops-  If none of the off the shelf options catch your eye, you can have Stephanie make you your perfect pair, like I did! They are 14K gold, perfect for day or night, and super light.


The Diamond hoops really elevate a more dressy outfit like the one below. 


Which are your favorites?

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