The Universe has your Back

It is no surprise to those of you that know me that I am a lover of Self-Help books. I have been this way since a very young age. Although I also love to read about business- especially tales of entrepreneurs and how they’ve succeeded- the self-help genre is really my jam.

If you go back on my blog to October last year you will see that I wrote about “You are a Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero. It’s a quite positive, uplifting book that can definitely help set you on a path when you find yourself stuck. I recommended Jen’s book to a friend who was struggling to find a job. After reading it, she got a few job offers- no joke!

“The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein is the latest book on my bedside table. Both of these books take a page out of well known books like “The Secret” and “Creative Visualization” but take it a step further. If you keep an open mind, you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom which can help you on your journey.

Gabby Bernstein, Photo courtesy of Gabby Bernstein


Gabrielle (Gabby) Bernstein is a recovered drug addict who uses meditation, visualization and positive thinking as her recipe on how to live your best life. She follows a book called ‘A Course in Miracles” and teaches her listeners to have a “Miracle Mindset” in their lives- aka,  Miracles do happen. Her main premise is that the Universe, which is basically whatever higher power you want to believe in, is going to make sure that everything works out in your life the way it is supposed to, provided that you keep a positive mindset and believe it will. When you reach an obstacle in your life, treat it as a “detour in the right direction” and you will find yourself on a better path. 

I love Gabby’s book so much. She talks to the audience from a very relatable and real place. Whether its dealing with the anxiety of getting stuck in an elevator; trying to control the timing of her own pregnancy; or the stress of finding an apartment in a city like New York: she tells stories that could are familiar to all of us. In addition to telling examples from her own life, she also talks about experiences from her friends lives, all teaching lessons and that show a different way to look at things.

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Gabby talks about coincidence,  or rather, how there really is no coincidence. For instance, you might say to yourself “I haven’t heard from my college roommate in a while” and then when you go pick up your phone you find that old friend just texted you? Ever bump into someone you were just talking about? To Gabby, these are not coincidences but are signs from the universe. Signs that you are tuned into the universe, in the right mind set. She also focuses on judgment, and how our society is always judging others and what that negativity does to us. She asserts that the people that we judge the most are just reflections of what we don’t like about ourselves, an idea that’s not so farfetched.

Throughout the book there are meditations, which might not be easy to do while you’re reading the book (especially if you’re listening to it on Audible like I did) but you can come back to them. I downloaded a number of them from iTunes and listen to them daily (also available on her website). They are not very long, and for those new to meditation will find them easy to do and quite relaxing. I find they do succeed at getting you into the right mind set.

The Universe has your Back Card Deck. Photo Courtesty of Gabby Bernstein

I have completely fallen in love with this book and feel that it is not so much a book as a way of life. As soon as I started to change my thinking and applying many of the principles that Gabby talks about- whether its judgment, or trusting that the right thing will happen in life- I noticed that I was waking up much happier and dealing with difficulties more easily. Becoming conscious of how judgmental we all are is also a game changer.

“The Universe Has Your Back” is not Gabby’s only book. She has a number of books and has built an empire around her teachings, flying around the world giving lectures to large audiences. You can find many of her talks on YouTube, including some talks with Oprah!

Gabby on tour. Photo courtesy of Gabby Bernstein Instagram


I am really glad that I found this book and the profound effect it’s had on my life. I would highly recommend you either buy the book in print or on audio. Listen to it in the mornings when you are getting ready for the day. Watch some of her YouTube Lectures. If you don’t love her concepts as much as I do, at least it will open you up to a new way of thinking.


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Gabby Bernstein. Photo courtesy of Gabby Bernstein

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