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Stephanie Gottlieb is a private jeweler based in NYC. I first profiled her in July of last year here. At the time she was running a robust business with an Instagram account boasting almost 44k followers. In just 12 short months Stephanie has managed to expand her business astronomically. Visit Stephanie’s Instagram page now and you’ll find her account has over 150k followers; and alongside her signature jewelry, she has chosen to incorporate lifestyle products as well. Not only does Stephanie have an amazing eye, but she also is a talented entrepreneur. See my follow up interview with her below and get ready to get your #girlcrush on!

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FO40: Stephanie, when I did my first Q&A with you you had 43.6K followers on IG and now you have over 150K! What are some of the secrets to your success?  

SG: I’ve been trying to find more time to curate content that I think my followers will love. I’ve found that my followers respond really well when I incorporate the lifestyle/fashion aspect into my photos. It’s tough because my job is full-time, so often I end up just snapping a quick picture while I’m working on a project, but the planned photos definitely get a better response.

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FO40: How has the past year changed for you as you’ve grown your business and your following?

SG: With my growing following, my business has definitely taken off.  We’ve seen an increase in online orders, and more people reaching out to schedule appointments.  It’s exciting!  We’ve taken on an intern, and have another full-time member of the SG team starting in September.


FO40: What are the most popular items that customers are asking for and has that changed over time?  

SG: Personalization is probably our most popular category (aside from bridal); we do a lot of mommy bling and bride-to-be pieces.  I think this has and will consistently remain the most popular. When something is personalized, it makes a great gift to give to others, and a good piece to buy yourself for everyday wear.  We’ve incorporated a lot of new designers who offer unique personalization options so that there’s always something new.

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FO40: You have also expanded your brand and branched into lifestyle. How did that come about? 

SG: The Lifestyle branch of the business was in direct response to requests from my followers, who constantly ask about my nail polish, what brand my shoes are, where I got my dress…I love incorporating my outfits into my posts because I think that’s what sets me apart from other jewelry bloggers and Instagram accounts.


FO40: What trends do you see in jewelry for the upcoming Fall season?

SG: Hoops and statement earrings are definitely going to be hot this season.  We’re working on some fun gold-intensive pieces (not too many diamonds), so that people can wear their earrings in a casual, everyday way.  The other trend we’re seeing all across fashion, but also in jewelry, is RAINBOW!  I’m a personal rainbow fanatic, so this is really exciting for me!


FO40: What pieces are you personally crushing on?  

SG: I’m currently working on a really fun version of an emerald cut eternity band that I think people are going to love!  I’m trying to make bridal feel a little more fun, so this band will achieve that and get people thinking about bringing color into their bridal stacks.


FO40: What can we look forward to from you and your growing business?  

SG: We’re hoping to create a collection of fashion-forward bridal in the next few months, and we’ll definitely be expanding on the lifestyle portion of the website.


Thanks Stephanie!

Stephanie can be found on her website or on Instagram at @stephaniegottlieb.

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