Holly Ouellette, Consultant- Rodan and Fields

Rodan and Fields is an anti-aging skin care brand started by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. Once exclusively a department store brand, it’s now being sold by highly knowledgeable consultants across the country. My friend Holly Ouellette is one of these consultants. Once she had me try Rodan and Fields, I was hooked! Read on to hear all about Holly and this amazing brand.

FO40: Holly, we all know Proactiv from their infomercials and amazing results. Tell me a bit about Rodan and Fields?

Holly: Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields were the creators of Proactiv. Following that endeavor, these Stanford-trained doctors (who continued to practice dermatology) noticed a need for at-home regimens for other common skin conditions. Their “Multi-Med Regimens” address the most common skin conditions (sensitivity, acne, dark marks/sun damage, and aging skin) with clinically-trialled results. Rodan and Fields® originally launched in high-end retail, yet the doctors recognized that e-commerce was a more effective platform to reach a broader market. This past April, Rodan and Fields was named the #1 Skincare Brand in the US (outranking Esteé Lauder and Lancome!).

FO40: How did you become involved?

Holly: Happenstance, really. A friend introduced me to Rodan and Fields, but as a full-time Special Ed teacher and mom, I certainly didn’t need to add more to my full plate. Plus, I wasn’t much of a skincare junkie. However, I recognized the potential of the business and believed that these doctors created not only great products but a unique brand as well as a turn-key business model- I wasn’t going to miss out. Carving time out of my schedule allowed me to grow my involvement and steadily build my team- and income. The rest is history!


FO40: What do you love about being an Independent Consultant with Rodan and Fields?

Holly: I love the ability to work WHEN I want and HOW I want! I run my business “on-the-go” and have been able to find a way to balance the passion and attention it needs with the other important parts of my life. The company provides the opportunity to leverage the reputation of the these amazing doctors, beauty and technology innovations, and clinically-proven products to become the CEO of my own life!

FO40: Being a Rodan and Fields consultant is like owning your own business. What have you learned about being an entrepreneur?

Holly: It’s hard work but worth every second! The ability to ‘design your own life’ sounds cliché but it’s true. I decide when and how to work, and my success is dependent on my dedication. I can’t imagine a better motivation and setup.


FO40: What are the most popular products that you sell?

Holly: Our recent innovation- Lash Boost – is nightly eyelash-conditioning serum that improves the appearance of lash volume and length. The results are incredible! This month we released our Active Hydration Serum, designed to improve the moisture of your skin. Proper hydration is essential for healthy skin.


FO40: Which Rodan and Fields products would you recommend for women most concerned about the effects of aging?

Holly: The Redefine product line helps defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin. The Reverse Regimen is formulated to visibly brighten and even discolored skin. And we think everyone will want to get their hands on Active Hydration! Beauty Press is already buzzing about their experience with the product!


FO40: How do we get in contact with you to buy some of these amazing goods?

Holly: I love to offer a personalizing consultation. Customers can also purchase directly here. The Solutions Tool at that site can offer a personalized skincare recommendation at the click of a button. Becoming a Preferred Customer offers additional perks, discounts, free-shipping and early access for new product launches.

To learn more about the products or building your own business don’t hesitate to contact Holly.

Thanks Holly!

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