Desert Island Essentials

Every March during the kids’ Spring school break, the entire family is craving some sun and sand, and the Caribbean tends to be our destination of choice. With the holidays behind and the school year in full swing, it’s the right time to relax and recharge.

As the proverbial slave to fashion – my favorite dilemma, what to bring and what to wear?? Here are my “Desert Island” essentials, no matter on what island you might find yourself.


Kiehls’ Lip balm- I started using Kiehls’ in college and now seem to have these SPF 15 Lip Gels scattered throughout my room and my bags. This is a must for warmer climates and for the concrete jungle too.  

3 Lab Compact with SPF 40– I’ve previously highlighted that I love the 3Lab BB cream. It comes in a great compact and is trés easy to apply.  One swipe on your face and you have an even, dewy glow.

Flowerbomb My fragrance of choice.


Ashwaganda– I am the homeopathic-supplement queen, and Ashwaganda is one of the best. It relieves stress and has a number of other restorative benefits – don’t leave home without it.

Le Pen & Smythson Notebook– My mind clears when I step out of my daily routine. I need a notebook and pen to write down all my thoughts, life goals, and wish lists.


Frame Denim I’m obsessed with Frame Denim and buy every new style I can get. For the Caribbean, it will be my white ones. They have the right amount of stretch and are universally flattering.


The Susan Miller Horoscope app– Susan Miller is a guiding light in my life.  Call me crazy, but her work speaks to me. I am a devout reader of her daily and monthly pieces on this app.

Calypso St. Barth Trista Tanks–  I have them in every color.  In the colder months they are great for layering. In the summer, a nude one is essential for fashion’s oh-so-sheer trends of late.


Chanel shoe– Chanel makes must-have shoes in a wide varieties of styles. Their flats are a classic which is perfect for your travel day as your battle the airport crowds, while their sandals are essential for the beach.

Nude Clutch Goes with everything- and limits your packing needs!


Gliders These gliders are one of the best ways to tone up your abs. Buy them for $10 on Amazon, and stick them in your bag for an easy in-room work out.


Sweatshirt Although usually 80 and sunny, beaches can be windy. A sweatshirt is an essential and I’m always cold! Wildfox makes great beach-y ones!

Hat– I can’t put my face in the sun anymore, dermatologist’s orders. I always wear a hat- Helen Kaminski is my hat of choice. The wider the brim the better.


Lipgloss – I hate lipstick, it’s just too much makeup for me. A light pink lipgloss which you can put on without even looking in the mirror is perfect for a little shine. My go to is Chanel.

Cover Up- You don’t need many clothes on an island, but you do need a good coverup. Letarte and Melissa Odabash are some of my favorites.

My iPhone, iPad and Mac book: They go everywhere I go, much to my husband’s chagrin.  Did someone say unplug??

What are some of your fave essentials?

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