So You Say You Want to Be a Blogger? FO40- A (half)Year in Review

Six months ago I launched FO40, as I saw a void in the online and social media world for fashion and lifestyle advice for women approaching and into their 40’s. The concept then morphed into reality, and FO40 has now featured over 50 articles, daily Instagram/Facebook posts, picked up over 1,400 wonderful Instagram followers, and has garnered the much appreciated attention of numerous press outlets thanks to my friends at London Misher Public Relations!  I have an amazing team of helpers – from friends to photographers to fellow bloggers and above all my husband (my editor) – to thank for helping me follow this dream.

What’s next for FO40 you ask? 10K followers? A Champagne brand? Who knows, but it’s been a very exciting six months and I’m sticking with it. I’m truly gratified to have had your support and readership throughout this journey. Please keep following FO40 and keep the feedback coming.

Here are some highlights to date:

My first article was for Style Sessions New York. They asked me to discuss the best heels to take you from day to night.


I attended great events over the summer like Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance’s Super Saturday as a member of the press (!).  It was great fun and a perfect way donate to a great cause. I also attended Armarium’s pop up at Barron’s Cove with Kathy Reilly and KD Hamptons. I met some great people and loved learning about this company (Dressing in sequins a huge added bonus!)


The Daily Voice of New Jersey asked me to talk “Back to School Tips.” Being a native of Demarest, NJ, the audience included a lot of old school friends still living in the area.



I spoke to She’s Fit to Lead and We Rule about what made me start my blog, becoming an entrepreneur, and other facets of my life. I loved these features as they brought everything together- my job, my family and FO40.



Badass + Living asked me to discuss “Five Ways Women can Empower Themselves.” In my professional career, I’ve worked with many younger women on these type of issues, and was thrilled they asked me to share my insights. I received some great feedback!
As part of my journey, I read “You are a Bad Ass” and spoke extensively about the inspiration I gained from Jen Sincero‘s visionary book in a featured article as well as sprinkled throughout other articles. Jen’s PR team gave me some nice shout outs here and here!



I was featured in Readers Digest (Yes Readers Digest!) and The List with my tips on Wardrobe Malfunctions and Fashion Disasters.



Dave and I spent a weekend at The Point with our friends Denise and Mike. I loved profiling this amazing destination resort. What a weekend.  More FO40 travel to come!



I also…

  • Covered a number of Fashion topics and trends.
  • Sat in on a talk about Spring Trends (delivered by the one and only Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman).
  • Shared my favorite picks in Black Jackets, Boots, Sweaters, Cold Weather Accessories and Holiday Dressing.
  • Profiled the must-have pieces from Pre-Fall collections, with a spotlight on Prabal   Gurung, and also highlighted my 5 picks for fall (still rocking the velvet!).
  • Talked about the sneaker trend- a few times!
  • Shared my passion and ideas for a gorgeous holiday-party tabletop.
  • Posted my birthday wishes, (I love my birthday, who doesn’t!!) and was lucky enough to receive some of the items on my wishlist!2016_08_29_coverd_toniasteck_108


I have interviewed some great people – and I thank you all for taking the time to speak with me and for your support… Kevin Lee (Creative Director- Julien Farel), Dr. Michele Green (Dermatologist), Tina Sussman (Personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman), Dara Godfrey (Nutritionist), Stephanie Gottlieb (Personal Jeweler), Ben Erickson (Custom Furniture Designer and Builder), Mahri Relin (Founder and Owner of Body Conceptions), Shana Pantirer (Nutritionist- F-Factor ), Jen Wang (Owner, CUT flowers), Danielle Diamond (Yoga and Wellness GURU), Aly Finkelstein (Professional Organizer), Yuming Wu (Stadium Goods), Beth Wittig (Owner, Slater Zorn), Hillary Nadelman Matt (Decorator- Michelle Gerson Interiors), Kimberly Salshutz (Acupuncturist and Healer), Nick Pologeorgis (Owner, POLOGEORGIS Fur), Julian Craker (Bespoke Tailor), Tanya Zuckerbrot (Founder, F-Factor), Jody Black and Kate Krieger (Dress your Table) and Dr. Rebecca Elmaleh (Medical Doctor and Homeopath).


A special thanks to Kevin Lee, Dr. Michele Green, and Tina Sussman, who not only were a collective source of inspiration behind me starting the blog but are an ongoing bedrock of support in this ongoing journey; my cousin Nicholas Prakas who is an amazing photographer (and makes me look better in pictures than in real life!); my family who has given me time and enthusiastic support to work on my blog for hours on end; My sister whose creativity and endless connections I could not live without, and most especially my husband Dave who is not only my editor but my overall sounding-board on all things FO40.

Thank you dear readers for your support, your time, your ideas, and your feedback on my blog.  I’m looking forward to bringing you more exciting features on Fashion, Fitness, Fun, Finds, and all things “Fierce” in 2017 and beyond…

With lots of love,


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