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As you may remember from my piece on creating a killer Thanksgiving Table, I love all things tabletop and home décor.  My dear friends Jody Black and Kate Krieger have taken “tabletop obsession” one step further by creating “Dress your Table.” This new service was created to help transform your home (table included) for any party or occasion. They take extreme care, time, and research to find the perfect pieces and accents to turn your home into a fun and festive party showcase. They recently decorated my home for Christmas and I love it!  Read on to learn about these lovely ladies and their tasteful venture. Bravo!

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FO40: Jody and Kate, what made you decide to go into business?

Jody: When people plan large-scale events, it is very common to work with professional event planners.  However, there are lots of smaller events taking place all the time where people feel intimidated to engage an event planner- but would love guidance in creating a festive look and memorable mood.  Our business Dress Your Table fills this void.  We love to come in and create a fresh and new look to fit the occasion.  We love to enhance an event with creative and thoughtful touches to make each guest feel special and make the host shine.  Whether it is a birthday dinner, your book club’s monthly discussion, Passover Seder, Christmas brunch or Super Bowl party, we help you elevate your space and celebration by giving it the extra time and attention it deserves.

FO40: What can a client expect when they work with you?

Kate: We strive to be creative and make each event unique.  As soon as we know the reason for the event, we research heavily.  We’ll always do a site visit in advance so we can prepare a comprehensive proposal for the client, including color scheme options, party favors, floral suggestions and locations where we would envision adding decor.   We welcome open and honest communication with clients to make sure that our vision is the same as theirs.  When it comes to setting up the day of the event, clients expectations are always exceeded!  So far we have had great success turning first-time clients into repeat users of our service.

Photo Nicholas Prakas

FO40: What are some important things to think about when planning a party?

Jody: From a decor perspective, we strive for festive, mood-enhancing, and tasteful decor.  If you are doing an event at home, you need to consider which spaces the guests will be using.  We like to incorporate a cohesive theme and color-scheme from the moment the front door opens and carry it throughout the home to the powder room, any outdoor spaces, the den, dining room, etc.

FO40: Where do you source your materials?

Kate: We love scouring the internet, home decor magazines and the Flower District for inspiration.  For example, we work with a florist who imports from Europe and always manages to delight us with his amazing range of inventory.  We also look to what is happening in the worlds of fashion, music and culture so that our events feel very current and now.

Photo Nicholas Prakas

FO40: Tell me how to make my home look fabulous for the holidays.

Jody: Well Tonia your home is already pretty fabulous so you don’t need to do much!  Fresh flowers in the front hallway area are a must.  It is a simple gesture that shows you are putting in effort to welcome guests.  Have some holiday music playing, a yummy scented candle burning and a holiday ice bucket on a tray along with festive glassware and holiday cocktail napkins.  Pay attention to the powder room.  A small floral display, holiday soaps and personalized hand towels are small yet meaningful touches.  It is always great to have a statement orchid, banana leaves and branches positioned throughout your home.  We love bringing nature inside.

FO40: Any other special touches you like to add?

Kate: We like party favors.  Doesn’t everyone?  They are a thoughtful and lasting element which stay with guests once the event is over.  Leaving a luncheon with a single French macaroon wrapped in the signature Ladurée box is elegant and so appreciated with a cup of tea later that afternoon.  We also like our decor to stimulate all five senses (what guests see, smell, hear, touch and taste) and include an intellectual and thought-provoking component as well.

Photo Nicholas Prakas

FO40:  Jody and Kate- sign me up! I’ll definitely be asking for your help on my next event. How can FO40 followers get in touch for their party needs?

Jody: Contact us personally via Email at jody.black@yahoo.com or kateforge@hotmail.com.

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