Fall Fashions, any Budget

You splurged on a great summer vacation- and the killer outfits that made you look your stylish best. With so many great choices for Fall, I share ways to nail the trends of this season as you replenish your budget for an upcoming trip or even gifts on your upcoming holiday wish list. For seasonal trends, the “ ‘90s’ ”  are back! Velvet, Military jackets, lace, and chokers are everywhere this season.  Want the “in” look without a major investment? Consider these choices:

Military- Military is taking on a few different looks this season. There is the Green Military Jacket look that I wrote about in my “5 Picks for Fall” piece , and I’ve also seen a few in the “Sgt. Peppers” style for both kids and adults. I popped into Zara, and this one caught my eye. It’s a winner in both style and price.

Photo: Nicholas Prakas

Lace– Lace is perfect for a night out. There’s a LOT of lace in this fall’s line, ranging from tops to dresses. I bought this black top from Reformation and it’s also available in white. I love the quality of this piece, and at $128.00 it’s a no brainer.

Photo: Nicholas Prakas

 – Regular followers know this is my current infatuation. Right now I’m on the hunt for a great velvet dress for the holidays. I came across these two offerings from Misa Los Angeles and Zara. Zara also has these great velvet boots because why not?

Photo: Misa


Photo: Zara


Photo: Zara

Ruffles- Ruffles are the accent of the season and appearing on shirts, sweaters, and dresses everywhere. I really like this top from Zara (yes, Zara has it all this season!) with ruffles on the sleeves as well as this cute dress.  Mix things up with this top from J Crew.

Photo: Zara
Photo: Zara
Photo: J Crew

Chokers– This trend is hot hot hot right now and can be had at very modest price points. I bought some from www.anotherchoker.com, a UK-based company offering many reasonably priced selections. (FYI- The British Pound exchange rate is currently at a 30 year low, so these are really good deals)

Photo: Nicholas Prakas

Plaid- Plaid shirts are enjoying a multi-year comeback. Rails carries a few that are stylish and comfortable. Naturally, I also found one at Zara that I’m just loving- soft, cozy, and great with jeans. And at the incredibly affordable price of $39, I won’t be fussed if plaids are old news next year. Until then, I’m hooked!

Photo: Zara

Here is the final outfit- dresing up my Reformation Top and Zara Jacket with a Gucci Bag. Perfect high/low combination!

Photo: Nicholas Prakas

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