Expert tips for stacking your favorite Coffee Table Books

Everyone loves a good coffee table book!  Starting with the cover art, and turning to the first few pages filled with photos and meticulous details, I love everything cover to cover.  Walk into any book store or browse online and you are sure to find many books on interiors, fashion, designers, destinations or even your favorite band. Once you get all of these amazing books, WHAT do we do with them?

Decorators have a knack of stacking them in just the right way. To help me get more knowledgeable on this “skill”, I chatted with Hilary Nadelman Matt of Michelle Gerson Interiors to learn the best way to stack books.

Hilary, we need your help! I love the way stacked books look in our living room. Can you share some quick tips on creating a great look?

HM: Coffee table books are one of my favorite ways to accessorize a room– they add color and tell a lot about individual’s interests. Always stack your books biggest on bottom to smallest on top, and try to stack books that are similar lengths together. 

Photo Credit: Michelle Gerson Interiors


What about organizing by color?  What is the best approach?

HM: Stacking by color looks great on a bookshelf but if you are stacking on a coffee table or a piece of furniture color doesn’t matter. Mixing colors is a great way to get a funky, eclectic look. 

Is largest/widest to smallest book always best?

HM: Yes! Stacking by size is the best way to arrange the books. 

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How many books do you recommend?

HM: I would say about 5 to 6 books on a stack is a good number depending on how thick the books are. If you have a really special, large coffee table book, you can leave that one on its own with nothing else on top of it. 

Should we add other home décor/accessories a stack, or two?

HM: I love to complete my stacks with a small accessory on top like a candy dish, glass knot or even a vintage ashtray. 

Photo Credit: Michelle Gerson Interiors

Any favorite books that we should add to our stack?

HM: My must have coffee table books are Tom Ford, Pucci, Slim Aaron’s photography books and any of the Kelly Wearstler decor books. 

Photo Credit: Decor Envy Blog

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Now have to work on my stacking skills… what are your favorite books in your stack?

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