Q&A With Beth Wittig, Founder of Slater Zorn

Slater Zorn offers apparel and accessories centered around the color themes of your favorite schools and teams. This fashion line’s offerings can be worn from game day to every day, marrying loyalty with luxury.  I sat down with Beth Wittig, founder of Slater Zorn, to hear about her story and her formula for Slater Zorn’s success. Read on!


1. Beth, tell me how Slater Zorn came to be?

I am a huge sports fan.  My husband and sons love sports as well and we attend a lot of games together.  In the spirit of supporting my teams, I found myself unable to find fashionable quality clothing that I would want to wear to a game, so the idea came to me to start a collection of luxury clothing and accessories in team or school colors without logos or emblems.  I like to think of it as clothing for game day or every day.  

I don’t believe in fast fashion, so I wanted my clothes to be more about the idea of what I call forever fashion – a collection of classic, heritage pieces made of the finest quality materials.  We search the world for unique products and work with some of the best factories who produce for brands like Hermes, Tom Ford, Chanel, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and curate selective items to add to the ever-growing Slater Zorn collection.  Another unique feature of my brand is that I take extreme care to make sure the colors we use from all different factories match exactly, so that everything you purchase will be in the same hue and coordinate beautifully together.  


2. Your concept marries loyalty and luxury. Can you tell us more?

I believe in a sense of community, and color represents affiliations of all kinds. You can support your alma mater, your favorite team, and your country’s flag with style, without compromising quality and beauty.   Loyalty to me also means supporting factories and ateliers who have been producing beautiful products for generations.  We work with local artisans in New York City as well as small family-run factories in Scotland, New Zealand, Italy, Wales and Peru to bring together beautiful hand-made and hand-finished products to our customers.  I love the idea of things of beauty and good quality being passed on from generation to generation, whether it is wisdom, a craft, or a beautiful article of clothing which stands the test of time from both a quality and a style perspective. 


3. The quality of your clothing is amazing. How do you recommend people incorporate their Slater Zorn favorites into every day life?

I’m a big believer in simplicity and adding something just a little bit different to a classic look in my mind makes for fewer fashion mistakes. I’d describe the Slater Zorn style as classic with a twist. An example would be a great white shirt like our Stadium shirt, a three stripe cardigan, jeans and a pair of those fabulous new Gucci kiltie pumps in suede. Stripes are trending huge this season as is any collegiate style, so you have many options to incorporate some great Slater Zorn piece into a great look. With our products you’re also getting great quality and prices that are very reasonable given the level of craftsmanship.


4. Who is your customer?

I am always amazed at the diversity of the Slater Zorn fans. The Slater Zorn customer is anyone from girls and boys in their teens to men and women in their 40’s and 50’s. There is something for everyone and each demographic can wear the same piece a different way. A younger woman can wear the sleeveless tunic as a dress and the older woman can wear it as a tunic over pants or a skirt. It encourages creativity, wearability and functionality. 


5. What products are most popular now?

The lettuce edge scarf  is very popular as are the three stripe cardis and crews. The Italian resin necklaces also are in demand, because of their versatility and durability. For men, the field cardigan, ribbed tipped scarf and stadium shirt get the most attention. 


6. What is next for Slater Zorn?

We love to spend time with our customers and find ways to broaden our reach. As an e-commerce brand with no bricks and mortar stores to date, we are hosting more trunk shows and plan more travel around the country. We are also partnering with some lifestyle websites like Fancy.com whose style conscious viewership should appreciate the Slater Zorn line. 

Thanks Beth!

Slater Zorn can be found at www.slaterzorn.com or on Instagram @slaterzorn

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