5 Great Boot Styles for Fall

Ahhhh…Boots! You can add them to the category of “All things I love about fall.” Although a great pair of boots can last you many seasons, your wardrobe needs a tweak every year to add one or two of the most coveted styles. Here are my five picks I have for this year- some are classic, and some are a bit more trendy, but they all promise to be gorgeous!


  • Suede is very “in” for accessories this season, primarily for shoes and bags. While it’s not always easy to keep clean, having your precious suede items protected against the weather at a place like Leather Spa, will help to keep in good condition. I love these brown Gianvito Rossi Brown suede boots from FWRD by Elyse Walker. Maroon Suede boots are also everywhere and really caught my eye. There are some really fabulous choices!
    Gianvito Rossi Boots. Picture: Coverd Photo
    Rag and Bone Boot

    Classic Wedge

  • I love wedges. They give you height, are versatile from day to night and most are surprisingly comfortable for walking. More than a fad, wedges don’t seem to go out of style- at least not in my closet! These Aquatalia ones available at Bergdorf are great for the colder weather.
    Aquatalia Boots
    Chloe Wedges

    Chanel Wedges

Western Twinge

  • The Wild Wild West is back. These are not your Justin Cowboy Boots from College. They are much more refined with a “twinge” of the west. I love these Aquazzura fringed boots which come in different heel heights. For a better price point,  Joie and Rag and Bone have very cute pairs.
    Aquazzura Boot

    Joie Boot


  • Surprisingly this is a hard boot to find if you’re after a pair with a manageable heel. I like an 85-90 mm height because once you go up to 100-105 its really hard to wear for the whole day. I see this as the perfect boot if you have a job where you wear pants or pant suits. I bought these ones from Gianvito Rossi at Net-a-Porter and I can’t wait to wear them all winter long. News flash: they are also shockingly comfortable!
Gianvito Rossi Boots. Picture: Nicholas Prakas

A little Fur

  • Add a little fur or other embellishment on a boot and it changes your whole look. I love a “boots with the fur”- (fake or real ) as it gets into the colder months since you can match it to other accessories and make your look ‘complete’. I found these Grey boots from Aquazzura and plan to wear them with all my blacks and greys in the colder months. When my pom-pom on my boot matches the one on my hat, I think I’ll be pretty darn cute!
Aquazzura Boots. Picture: Nicholas Prakas

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