How to make your professional Blow Dry last

Many women get their hair professionally blown out. It’s a great way to get that perfect look for a special night our or the start of another business week. Why not look your best? While I have friends who can have great looking hair for up to a week (!) without washing it after a blow out, I myself am lucky to make it a day or two. Between my hair type (on oilier side) and workout schedule, I need to personally wash my hair on a fairly regular basis. To find a happy medium, I called my dear friend Kevin Lee, Style Director of the Julien Farel Salon. Kevin has been cutting and styling my hair for over ten years. I asked Kevin for tips on how to make a professional blow dry last. Here they are!

  1. Spend the time and money on a proper blowout, which may require an iron (curling or flat) for some, or pin curls. After a proper cool down or ‘take a set’, these treatments will reinforce your desired look.
  2. Depending on hair texture and hair type – oily to dry- you can extend the life of your blowout 2-4 days. Sleeping with your hair in a pony tail for straight, or twisted pony into a bun for other hair textures, will help set your hair for the next day. Use a wide, soft pony holder to avoid a mark or crease in the hair. Placement of the pony is key. Pony or bun on top of head will help add volume, low pony or bun will help maintain a smoother look with less volume at the root.
  3. Begin the second day by lightly touching up the top layer of hair and sections around the face with irons or blow dryer. This should only take about 5 minutes.
  4. For oilier hair, use a dry shampoo to help absorb oils. Spray dry shampoo into hair and either finger or brush through depending on desired look. (For normal to dry hair, following these steps, using dry shampoo, may get you through to your 3rd day).
  5. For the last day of your blowout, use a dry texturizing spray for an “undone”, polished look. Use a larger barrel curling iron to create a soft wave around the face that will complement the texture you’ve created in your hair. Alternatively, you can pin the hair up, or back into a casual up-do to pair with whatever you are wearing that day.


If you go beyond this point, you are one of the fortunate few with an amazing mane of hair! For most people, I’d recommend a pony or top knot. Secure it tightly so you will not have to adjust it for the day!!


Kevin added one additional tip for workout addicts (like me):

Work on inside and outside at the same time!!! Simply wet your hair before your workout, condition from the ears down, arrange in braids or pony, and secure into a knot. This will do a deep conditioning on your hair while you are conditioning your body. The heat escaping off the top of your head will help the conditioner penetrate the outer layer of the hair shaft. This is time efficient, and effective!

Thanks Kevin!

Kevin Lee. Photo: Nicholas Prakas

For more on Kevin Lee, check him out at or on Instagram @kevinleehair. See my earlier interview with Kevin here.


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