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“Organize Closet” is an item that is always on my to-do list. Although I do it often, it feels like it’s never easy to find that perfect outfit. I tend to grab the first thing that I see and constantly forget about some great pieces in my repertoire. This can change with better organization. I caught up with Aly Finkelstein of Organized by Aly to get her advice on the best way to get your closet more organized, especially from one season to the next.  Below are her amazing tips!




Step 1: Take everything out of your closet that doesn’t belong to the act of getting dressed (shoe boxes, keepsakes, etc.) and recycle or find another place for them. Take all of your clothes off their hangers and off the shelves/out of drawers in your closet.

Step 2: Clean the closet, ideally by a professional service. Closets hold a lot of dust! Start fresh and you’ll notice the results.

Step 3: Discard ALL wire/plastic/different hangers and purchase slim hangers. I prefer the very simple ones in black which you can purchase from Amazon. Uniform hangers is a MUST. They will last a long time and give your closet the backbone of a polished and organized look.

Step 4: 

Create three piles:

  • Keep/Store
  • Donate
  • Consign

While there are many worthwhile places to donate or consign your unused items, as far as convenience, the non-profit Vietnam Vets of America provides support and services for all military veterans returning home after serving in addition to aid for homeless and disabled vets. It’s an easy process- they will pick up your donations, which you can schedule online.  There are also many other online consigners who will pick up your boxed items and then send you a check in the mail once your items sell.

Schedule pickups immediately.  If the stuff lingers, you are likely to place it back in your closet. Move it out, and move on!

Step 5: Separate your “keep” group into 2 groups: Spring & Summer; Fall & Winter.  This reduces the transition process from 4 times a year to just 2.

There are times that some of your seasonal clothes can mix and match into the next season, but do the best you can.

Step 6: Storage & Labeling

When you’re done sorting, take the current off-season clothes and put them in a plastic bin. You’ll want to keep your clothing in a place that stays cool and dark.  This might be in your garage or attic, or under your bed using risers to get more space.

Make sure to tag everything with a label maker (my fav toy) or with masking tape and a sharpie. If a vacation comes up or you need a certain piece for some reason, this will make it easy to find those must wear pieces.

Step 7: Organize everything you are keeping by CLASSIFICATION and then COLOR.

I’ve found that grouping clothing by like items or category (all pants together, all shirts together, and so on) is the best way to organize clothing in a closet.  Take it a step further by grouping your colors from lights to darks or by actual color.


Now your clothes will be easy to see in a neat and organized fashion! You can see where you have too much or not enough of a particular color, pattern or print and shop accordingly!

Here is one of my closet. I can’t wait to get organized for fall!


You can find Aly at or on Instagram @organizedbyaly





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