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I was introduced to Jen Wang and Cut Flowers through a mutual friend. I ordered some Roses and the Pineapple Vases with the Succulents in them from her site. All I can say is, instant LOVE! Her flowers are not only beautiful, but the Roses I ordered lasted for over two weeks- amazing! After you read my Q&A, I think you’ll go right over to her website and start buying!


What made you start Cut?

I love having flowers in my home. I found inspiration on Instagram after following the best florists around the world. But these artful posts of gorgeous arrangements with flowing foliage and exotic petals did not mirror the world of flowers that I had access to. These arrangements were beautiful, but expensive. So, I found myself back at the corner bodega where my wallet belonged. Then I realized something needed to change with the floral market.

Cut Flowers NYC was founded on the principle that flowers should be affordable without compromising design + style. We offer a curated collection of seasonally inspired arrangements at comfortable prices.


You offer very specific arrangements. What is the philosophy behind that?

The type of ingredients used in an arrangement typically determines the finished product. For example, No. 018 features the anemone flower, which has a twisty stem with feathery petals. To celebrate the delicate beauty of the anemone; this arrangement is loose and airy emphasizing its wild nature. Because we design based on what is seasonally available, this arrangement can vary in form but the end goal is to always celebrate each flower.


Those Pineapples are amazing! Tell me the inspiration

Last Fall my boyfriend and I traveled to Barcelona.  We had the best time! Every night we ended with a nightcap at this great bar, Numero Nueve. The people were there to have fun and the staff sent out good vibes. Their hospitality and tasty tropical cocktails inspired these pineapples and for this reason, I named it the No. 009.


You offer a subscription service. How does that work?

A subscription gets you one arrangement per month for three consecutive months. We will get in touch with you to schedule delivery times and days that best suit your schedule. This is a great way to stay in tune with nature’s ever-changing flowers and foliage as each delivery reveals new treasures.


Will your flowers change seasonally?

Yes, we use the freshest flowers at the market that are selected weekly.


Cut Flowers can be found at or on Instagram @cutflowersnyc


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