Stephanie Gottlieb, Private Jeweler

Stephanie Gottlieb is a New York based Private Jeweler. She designs her own line of jewelry as well as represents other jewelers. Over the past few years, her business has grown exponentially. Below we discuss her business, trends, and that gorgeous engagement ring!

Stephanie, how did you get into the Jewelry business?

I really fell into it! I had no idea what to do when I graduated college, and a family friend who works in the Jewelry industry thought I might like it.  I took an internship at a wholesale diamond company and ended up completely LOVING every aspect of it!  The company was a small, family-owned group, so I was able to learn about all different aspects of the “behind the scenes” world of wholesale jewelry.

Since you’ve gone out on your own, your business has exploded. 43.6K followers on Instagram! How did that happen?

Its been an amazing journey!  When I started my business 3 years ago, I really NEVER imagined it would turn into what it has become in the last year.  It was definitely slow and steady in the beginning, but once Instagram became a platform for promoting my business, it just took off.  I think people love seeing a stylized and curated selection of jewelry through my “lens” and I have SO much fun taking the photos! It’s really one of my favorite parts of the job.  It’s a great way to showcase all the fun projects I get to work on, and show my audience how I like to style pieces in fun and inventive ways.

I love your customer service- I have found it so easy to buy custom jewelry from you. Now that you are international, how do you maintain that level of service?

This business is all about customer service; if someone is happy with your service, they will want to continue to work with you, and likely refer you to all of their friends.  Jewelry purchases are usually part of some special moment or occasion in someone’s life, so for me it is SO important that my role in that experience is a positive one.  When I work with a client I am standing behind whatever product I am selling, and giving my honest opinion about what they should and shouldn’t buy.  I think people appreciate this personal, hands-on approach.  With international it’s trickier because most of this “service” is done by email, but I apply the same hands-on approach.  I try to give as much information in each email since there is usually some crazy time difference with the person on the other end.  It still amazes me that I’m selling jewelry and engagement rings to international clients!

You offer jewelry at many price points. What are the most popular items that you sell?

I work with a lot of young women who are building their jewelry wardrobes, so I sell a lot of classic pieces that have a fun and modern twist; like a beautiful baguette bar necklace, or pave heart lariat.  I also sell a lot of personalized pieces; the item I’ve sold the most is the handwriting bracelet, where I take a handwriting sample and make it into a bespoke piece of jewelry- its such a great gift item, and at $390 the price is affordable to a wide audience.


Your engagement ring is stunning. How many people order your exact ring?

Thank you!  I’ve now made 8 of my ring in some variation!  Most clients order it in Rose Gold because they love how mine looks, and I think its easier for people to buy something they can physically see in front of them instead of imagining what it might look like any other way.  But I’ve also now made the ring twice in Platinum, and once in Yellow Gold without diamonds on the shank.  It is so much fun for me to come up with new ways to make each piece unique in some way.

I have had my engagement ring for 16 years. What advice would you give me if I wanted to change the setting?

There are two ways to approach this; some women want to reset their ring, with the intention of wearing it in this new setting “forever”.  In that case I suggest going with something totally different than the original setting, but still classically designed.  A solitaire never gets old to me, so if you have had it set with side stones or a pave band, I love going with a solitaire and then having fun with stack bands.  Stack bands are the perfect gift for your husband to buy you year after year; you can never have too many!  Other women want to reset their ring in a very casual way that they can wear every day and not have it feel “bridal”(mostly because they “upgraded” at some point and bought a new, larger ring).  In this case you can get really creative with the setting; sometimes I turn an oval or marquise sideways so that it sits horizontally instead of vertically; or incorporate a wider almost “cigar band” style that’s super easy to wear.  Every woman is different, so its case-by-case, but we could have some fun with yours!

What upcoming trends do you see in Jewelry?

The last two years were all about the ear cuff/climber/jacket look.  This hasn’t gone away, but now we’re seeing chokers/collars everywhere!  I think jewelry is like fashion; styles go in and out of fashion; this year the Choker is making its “comeback”.  The choker was very popular during the Renaissance, during the 1920’s with the Deco era (those amazing wide diamond and pearl choker styles), and then of course in the 90s with those horrible plastic “tattoo” looking ones…I just designed some AMAZING diamond chokers that can be layered up, I can’t wait for you to see them!

Thank you!

Stephanie Gottlieb can be found at or on Instagram @stephaniegottlieb

She is available in NYC by appointment!






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