Five Bars Where You Won’t Feel Ancient

The Bar at the Baccarat

The Baccarat Hotel opened on West 53rd Street in Manhattan in the past year. It is beyond gorgeous, with many amazing yet subtle touches. Walk into the elevator and you will immediately smell the infusion of a glorious scent. The Bar on the Second floor is one of my go to spots. Its great for a cocktail after work, before dinner, or at any time. You can sit at a table and have a more intimate drink or hang at the bar with some friends. In the summer, you can also go outside and sit on the Terrace. It’s a must in Midtown.

The Bar
The Terrace

The New York Edition

The New York Edition is not to be confused with the London, Miami Beach or any of the other Edition Hotels. The one and only NY Edition houses the Lobby Bar and the amazing Clocktower Restaurant. I love the Lobby Bar for a very civilized cocktail. This is also a great place to meet someone when you want to avoid a very noisy atmosphere and have a conversation. Head upstairs afterwards for a game of pool or a bite at the Clocktower. Your Saturday night is complete!

The Lobby Bar
The Lobby Bar
Stairs to the Clocktower Restaurant

The Nomad Hotel – Elephant Bar and Library Bar 

The Nomad Hotel has transformed Nomad, bringing not only an ultra cool factor to the hood (admittedly, my hood) but to me, a night at the Nomad is the perfect night out. Have a cocktail at the Elephant bar, or sit at the Library Bar and sip some champagne. With either, you can’t go wrong. If you can score a table at the Nomad for dinner afterwards, the chicken for two is a must. I would drink and eat here every night, if I could!


The Library Bar
The Elephant Bar


The Evening Bar at the Smyth Hotel

The Evening Bar at the Symth Hotel is a perfect spot for pre or post dinner drinks when you are headed downtown in Manhattan. It’s more intimate and a great bar where you can have a conversation. I was there in the winter and sat on one of the couches and with the fire going, I was ready to cozy up there for the night! If dark and cozy isn’t your thing, you can also have drinks in the near by Den which has plenty of different areas to drink, work, or socialize.

The Evening Bar
The Den

The Grand Salon at the Baccarat

Yes, we are back at the Baccarat but at the Grand Salon which is the lounge that spans most of the second floor of the hotel. This is a perfect space for drinks and a bite in the daytime, or to relax with friends at night.  You have a full menu here from the restaurant in the hotel, Chevalier. The decor is absolutely stunning with each area more plush than the rest. And then there is of course all the Baccarat crystal around. I think I’m going to move in here, if they let me!


Grand Salon
Grand Salon



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