Ben Erickson

Ben Erickson is a Brooklyn based custom furniture designer and builder. My husband and I met Ben over nine years ago when he came to hang a piece of art for us. He suggested that he build a book case to fit a massive empty space on the wall and that was the start of a long relationship. When I want something custom made, Ben is my go to. He has built everything in my apartment that was not purchased in a store. He has a great eye, and uses very unique materials and textures to execute his designs. The latest Erickson Aesthetics addition in our home is this lounge chair and ottoman- A slung Brazilian brindle hide on black Walnut with a copper cocktail tray. It is a true work of art. Ben recently won best in show for furniture by the International Furnishings and Design Association at the Architectural Digest Design Show. Check him out at or on instagram@ericksonaesthetics


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